‘Nuclear power will help India attain energy security’

Coimbatore: Developing nuclear energy sources is the only way to bring energy security in India, said the former chairman of Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC), V P Raja here on Saturday.

He also said with climate change being the most important global agenda, it is important for India to also increase its renewable energy generation capacity.

Raja was the chief guest at the 18th annual general body meeting of Tamil Nadu Electricity Consumers’ Association on Saturday.

Speaking on the future of the power sector in India and Tamil Nadu, he emphasised on India’s need to develop its nuclear power to become an energy secure country. India at the moment is entering into the second stage of the three-stage plan, designed by Homi Baba. “The second stage of the plan is to use plutonium 239 generated out of the fission of uranium 235 as fuel. A 500MW reactor is being set up in Kalpakkam. If things go well we will be able to see power generation by the end of 2017 or early 2018,” Raja said. “The plutonium 239 is coated with thorium and used for fission. So it produces uranium 233 which again is fissile. This uranium 233 is the file for the third stage of the nuclear plan,” he added. Raja said that both India and Tamil Nadu have a major role to play in making India energy secure.

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