Power tariffs revised, up 12% in Rajasthan

The Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC) on Thursday announced the revised power tariff, with an average hike of 9.6% in various consumer categories, to be effective from September 1. This is the fifth revision in the state after the National Tariff Policy came into force.

The commission cleared the full tariff increase sought by state discoms, which has led to 11 to 12% increase in all consumer categories except for agriculture, where the hike is 5.5%.

“The commission agreed to the hike proposed by state discoms as they were quite conservative in their proposal. Moreover, the last revision of rates came in February 2015. This has come after a year and seven months. The discoms have already suffered huge losses,” said G K Sharma, secretary, RERC. The revision would lead to an additional revenue of Rs 2,993 crore for the financial year.

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