Supply glut in solar panel market favours prices in India: Bridge to India

The landed price of imported panel in India crashed to $0.36/Wp in past three months owing to supply glut globally and falling prices of its raw material polysilicon in China.
“Polysilicon prices have dropped 30 per cent in a month (refer), wafer prices by 20 per cent (refer) and similar reductions are seen across the value chain. Landed module prices in India have dropped by nearly 15 per cent,” said a recent report by Bridge to India (BTI).
The investment tracking agency in the sector expects that the supply glut is likely to continue for a year and possibly longer as is unlikely to grow out of trouble this time.
“Indian project developers will see a major windfall but notwithstanding major government thrust on domestic manufacturing, the country will find it difficult to attract large investments in a technology driven industry that has seen two major global supply gluts in the past five years,” said the report.


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