MNRE amends Grid Connected Rooftop & Small Solar Power Plants Programme

he MNRE vide its notification dated 2nd September 2016 (here) has issued the 2nd amendment to the guidelines for grid connected rooftop & small solar power plants programme.

MNRE’s vide its notification dated 04th March 2016 (here) excluded commercial and industrial establishments in the private sector from claiming central financial assistance (CFA). In order to provide further clarity in this regard, the current amendment defines that the ‘Private commercial and industrial sector‘ shall include:

  • Companies registered under the Company Act 1956 / 2013 other than registered under Section 25/8;
  • Company / firms registered with central/state government authority (SIDC, DIC);
  • Company registered under Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs) Act 2008;
  • Partnership firm registered under Partnership Act 1932;
  • Shops and establishment Act;
  • Multi-state cooperative society Act;
  • SSI (Small Scale Industries);
  • Proprietorship Firms.



Further, the words ‘Not for Profit’ has been deleted in the Institutional and Social Sector and organizations / institutions registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860 and the Indian Trust Act 1882 has also been included for CFA subsidy as per the new amendment.

Earlier, only not-for-profit registered organizations in the institutional and social sectors were eligible for claiming CFA. This restricted a number of institutions including health institutions, educational institutions, community centers, trusts, etc. from availing subsidy benefits thereby impacting promotion of solar rooftop sector. Hence, the current move to remove the ‘Non-for-profit’ barrier is expected to promote the adoption of solar rooftop at a large scale in the coming future.




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