India needs to say no to nuclear power: Greenpeace


India needs to “re-think” its energy policies and say no to nuclear power, Greenpeace India said today after the NGO released a report highlighting high radiation levels in Fukushima in Japan.
As Fukushima nuclear disaster nears its sixth anniversary, it continues to be a grim reminder of the destruction and loss lives that nuclear power can cause, it said, adding “At this point of time countries like India need to rethink their energy policies and say no nuclear power.”
A massive undersea quake on March 11, 2011, sent a giant tsunami barrelling into Japan’s northeastern coast, leaving more than 18,500 people dead or missing, and sending three reactors into meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.
“India, for instance, seems determined to add on to its nuclear power capacity despite putting the lives of millions of people at risk,” said Nandikesh Sivalingam, climate and energy campaigner, Greenpeace India.
Red Alert, a Greenpeace India report released last year had said nuclear power is neither safe nor economical and India is grossly ill-prepared to handle a nuclear disaster.

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