Only 62 villages to be electrified in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is on course for 100% electrification and only 62 villages in the state are yet to be electrified, according to the state economic survey report. Of these 62 villages, electrification will be done using traditional methods in 42 villages while in the remaining villages, electricity will be provided through non-conventional sources of power, says the survey. The survey also notes that energy audit is being conducted at the divisional levels to bring down the transmission and distribution losses in the state.

 The survey also points out that the total generation capacity of the state including the private producers and the central share as well as the share of power received from the Damodar Valley Corporation has gone up to 17515 MW in February this year. There is an increase in power demand between November to March by 3500 MW to 4000 MW and the maximum demand even touches 11400 MW, says the survey. In view of this, power banking is also done to meet the soaring demand.

A total of 11.74 % more power was supplied in 2015-16 as compared to 2014-15, say the findings of the survey. The consumer base has also increased from just 64 lakhs in 2002-03 to 1.2 crore in March 2016. The survey findings also note that around 1 crore LED bulbs were distributed in the state till December 2016 and with it around 1825 million units of power will be saved. The move will also bring down the power bills of the consumers by Rs 1095 crore annually, says the survey.


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