Sharp Development organised a successful conference on Integration of Solar from Buildings to Cities

On February 16, 2017 Sharp Developments organized the 3rd Conference on Green Buildings at the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi. The conference was titled: ‘Integration of Solar from Buildings to Cities‘ and was supported by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Government of India under the 12th Five Year Plan: Energy Efficient Solar/ Green Buildings.
The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), New Delhi was the knowledge partner.  This is the 3rd conference on Green Buildings being organized by Sharp Developments at the SPA, New Delhi.
This Conference was supported by the Central Electronics Limited (CEL) and Skill Council for Green Jobs (NSDC supported). Past supporters have included National Housing Bank.
Guest of Honour was Ms. Varsha Joshi, I.A.S, Secretary Power, Government of NCT Delhi and other key speakers included Dr. A.K. Tripathi – Director for Solar Buildings/Solar Cities/Green Buildings/Solar thermal at Ministry of New and Renewable Energy; Dr. Praveen Saxena, CEO, Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ); Dr. Nalin Shingal, CMD Central Electronics Limited, India;  
senior faculty from the School of Planning and Architecture and leading architects such as Ar. Dependra Prasad, DPAP; Mr. Shuvendu Bose, Executive Director Advisory Services from Ernst and Young; Ms. Jeeniva MahapatraUrban & Regional Planning , DMIDC.
Prof. (Dr.) Meenakshi DhoteHead of Department, Environmental Planning, provided an overview of School of Planning and Architecture’s engagement and Environmental Planning department’s role in mainstreaming environmental parameters for sustainable habitat planning.
The conference had active participation of architects, planners, developers, vendors and Government institutions like DDA, MCD, DMIDC; PSU (CEL) and institutional organizations which helped constructive dialogue towards identifying a collaborative approach in making our cities Green and eventually Smart cities. It served as a platform to discuss the strategy for promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency interventions at the city level– both at comprehensive planning stage as well as retrofitting of existing infrastructure.
Dedicated interactive panels were hub for knowledge exchange that widened the market insights on sustainable habitat models. The conference witnessed 25 eminent speakers and over 70 delegates from across the sector.
Key conference sessions were moderated by Prof. (Dr.) Meenakshi Dhote, Prof. (Dr.) Mahavir and opening remarks were provided by Prof. A.K. Maitra (Former Director, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi).
Integration of solar architecture into the building design and up-scaling at cities level was the theme of the conference.  The conference showcased through case studies and work by students and faculty of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.
Guest of Honour Ms. Varsha Joshi, I.A.S, Secretary Power, Government of NCT Delhi shared her views regarding behavioural science as the most important aspect in personality and environment change. She was delighted to visit SPA and congratulated the organisers for the creation of such a platform which shall enable a multi organizational dialogue. She was keen to explore retrofitting options for urban infrastructure and waste to energy options for the state of delhi, also she congratulated CEL for the flexible modules developed at CEL and the solar demonstration park being developed in consultation with Sharp Developments. She added ” planners and architects should integrate solar and other green construction technologies to further boost the developing markets of green buildings which shall be an integral part of smart cities, participation of regulatory bodies and bilateral agencies are key to success of such initiatives.” Also she raised the issue of retrofitting and set a dialogue on how to mainstream it. She also flagged the need to demarcate land for waste to energy plants in master plan.
Dr. A.K. Tripathi in his inaugural address flagged the incorporation of sustainability parameters in the National Building code and green guidelines in the Model Building Bye laws.
He focussed on integrating green practices in the planning phase itself. He said “our main aim should be to make the entire sustainable energy system profitable for the builders and real estate managers by showing the costs from energy savings”. Focussing on solarisation he further added “Solar power installations should be incorporated in the design stage instead of retrofitting after the construction of building so that it doesn’t look like a patch” . He concluded by mentioning about smart cities scheme and 60 solar cities which have been identified under this scheme and the major objective is to prepare master plan for these cities with municipal corporation which focuses on utilization of renewable energy and energy savings. By 2022, 100GW renewable energy installations is expected by Govt. of India.
Dr. Praveen Saxena, CEO, Skill Council for Green Jobs (SCGJ). He said “technology in today’s world is ready but the only issue with the generation is to develop a culture to adopt this requirement and for this Government has made a separate Skill Council but this will be useful if every individual have the responsibility to use renewable energy.”
Gen. A.K Chaturvedi highlighted that waste to energy and water management are integral part of sustainable development. Mr. Anurag Bajpai from Greentree showcased the technologies which can be incorporated in development of a commercial building. Ms.Meenakshi M Pawar in her presentation explained the benefits of Integrating solar with green roof. She emphasized on potential of Delhi in this area and how this can be used in fulfilling the energy requirement of the city. Also she added the green roofs help in urban heat islands effects reduce pollution increase thermal insulation.
Alekhya Datta from TERI presented about the scope of solar integration in smart city, he presented the case study for Surat smart city. Arpo Mukherjee from SCGJ highlighted the need of skilled manpower to achieve sustainable development of infrastructure at city level. IGBC participated and presented green buildings and green city approaches in its various projects.
Central Electronics Limited showcased it’s technological excellence and the prestigious projects undertaken with various government departments. Also the flagship project Solar Demonstration Park, CEL, Sahibabad was showcased.
The project consultants Sharp Developments gave a detailed presentation on the Demonstration Solar Park which shall incorporate all solar technologies and green construction for urban as well as rural infrastructure. ArAlankrita Soni ,Environment Archirect presented an integrated approach adopted to achieve zero energy at the CEL campus. Further she added the need to upscale the technologies to make it commercially viable.
Dr. Mahavir moderated the closing session by taking forwards the views of Varsha Joshi and shared his views about behaviour of the generation. Also he highlighted the use of technology such as remote sensing for solar rooftop potential assessment for city level planning.
The conference generated understanding of solar energy based design and planning parameters through display of wide number of case studies; interactive panel discussions and identified specific gaps and directions for taking solar from building to city level.
The conference highlighted need for synchronization of efforts between various government organizations, builders and industry to enable comprehensive planning, as well as strong need for assimilation and dissemination of data in the sector.
The session set the tone right for the next conference to be held in March which shall focus on funding of such initiatives and the specialized manpower required to upscale the existing efforts.
The participants were satisfied and spoke highly about the platform. They look forward to attend the upcoming conference on March 27, 2017which shall also have international funding agencies who have been promoting green buildings through various initiatives and programs.
Sharp Developments has been promoting sustainable built habitat with focus on Greenbuildings, Solar integration in Buildings and this is the third of the four such Green Buildings conferences organized by the NGO with  School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi as the Knowledge Partner.Fourth concluding Green Buildings Conference has been scheduled for March 27, 2017.  For more details, please log in at:

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