Turbine companies to see how the wind blows

Four companies — Sembcorp, Ostro, Mytrah and Inox — won mandates to set up 250 MW each and sell power to the public sector Power Trading Corporation, at a record low tariff of ?3.46 a kWhr, in the country’s first auction organised by the Central government-owned Solar Energy Corporation of India. Subsequently, wind turbine manufacturer in the country wants a share of this pie.

One distinct buzz in the industry is that the Singapore-based Sembcorp’s 250 MW is very likely to go to Suzlon, following an informal arrangement made before the auction. Turbine manufacturer Inox, a BSE-listed company, will go with its own machines.

The two other companies own lands for their projects, which is rather uncommon in the wind industry. Typically, turbine companies such as Suzlon, Gamesa, Enercon, and ReGen, develop projects and sell parcels of them to wind energy companies. Therefore, a developer who owns lands has a wider choice of machine manufacturers to choose from.

While several machine-makers are vying for a share of Ostro’s and Mytrah’s orders, the leading names are GE, Vestas and Senvion, rather than the well-entrenched companies like Gamesa, Enercon and ReGen.

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