Uttarakhand power tariff hiked over 5 per cent

Consumers in Uttarakhand will have to shell more for electricity from April 1 onwards after the state government hiked the power tariff by 5.72 per cent.

The Uttarakhand Electricity Regulation Commission (UERC) chairman Subhash Kumar said that even after the hike, Uttarakhand still tops the states in providing affordable electricity.

In the domestic category, tariff has been hiked by Rs 10 paise to Rs 2.55 per unit for the first 100 units consumed, while the fixed charge was increased to Rs 45.

For the next 100 units consumers will have to pay Rs 3.30 whereas the fixed has been revised to Rs 70. From 200 to 400 units, tariff has been hiked to Rs 4.50 with the fixed charge of Rs 110.

For small enterprises tariff has been hiked from Rs 5.14 per unit to Rs 5.38 per unit whereas for the large enterprises tariff has been hiked from Rs 5.16 to Rs 5.41 per unit.

Kumar said that UERC will be buying electricity for the state at Rs 3.10 while selling it to consumers at the rate of Rs 4.92 per unit.


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