Industry bodies seek CM’s intervention to tackle high power tariff in UP

The U.P government led by CM Yogi Adityanath has reached out to the public assuring supply of electricity to everyone in the state. The industries in the region have appreciated the CM’s effort on ensuring electricity. While supply of electricity is a concern that have been taken into consideration by the UP government, the industry bodies want the CM to curb the high power tariff and help bring down cost of production in the state.

Talking to KNN, Manish Goel, President, Indian Industries Association (IIA) said that the government must take into account the cost at which the power is supplied to the industrial units. “The power tariff in our state is 7.5 rupees per unit, whereas neighbouring states such as Uttarakhand offers electricity at 5 rupees per unit, because of this many industries are moving out from the state,too” said Manish. He highlighted that the higher price in UP and lesser price in nearby states is giving an unhealthy competition to our units.

He further said that the industries comply well with the deadlines to pay the electricity bills without any delay.

Industry body in Greater Noida have also raised similar concerns. Acknowledging the steps taken by the Yogi government to facilitate power supply, Vipin Kumar Malhan, President of Noida Entrepreneur Association said “While we do have steady power supply now, yet the cost at which we avail the electricity is not very pleasing. Industry plays the significant role in adding to the economy of any region if we end up paying high prices in electricity, it cuts a huge share of the marginal profits that we expect to earn” he added.

Meanwhile, the residential areas of NCR region in UP continue to face electricity cuts despite the government claims to have taken appropriate steps against it.

Residents from areas of Kasna and Dadri have complained power cuts that go up to 8 hours every day, especially during the peak hours. While that in Noida and Greater Noida the power cuts have increased remarkably.

Earlier this month, the UP government announced a number of steps to deal with power cut and power theft in a bid to ensure proper power supply in the state, aiming to light up all the households by the year 2018.



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