Mt Abu boasts of a solar plant that delivers power on demand!

We have all heard about solar power plants that generate power through sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells. Going a step further, the Brahmakumaris in Mt Abu have installed an innovative 1 MW solar thermal power plant. Surprisingly, it has done away with photovoltaic cells, and runs on water instead.

What’s more, it can store sun’s energy overnight and deliver power on demand.Spread over an area of 25 acres, the power plant is called ‘India One’ and is located at Shantivan Campus of the Brahmakumaris on Abu Road, Mt Abu.It is the biggest power plant in the country to work on ‘concentrated solar thermal power technology’, which was inaugurated recently.The plant is jointly funded by the Indian and German governments which uses 770 newly developed parabolic reflective dishes, each one with an area of 60 sq metres. They facilitate thermal storage for continuous operation. The plant has a capacity to generate enough heat and power for a campus of 25,000 people and is a milestone for decentralized and clean power generation in India.

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