Coming Soon: An Indoor Solar Panel That Can Generate Electricity From The Lights In Your Home

Everyone’s electricity bills spikes up during the summer months, and for good reason. Ever wondered if there was a way to recycle some of that power you consume everyday? Meet a team of researchers that’s recycling the energy we use to power the lights around our homes and offices.

A combined team of researchers from Switzerland, China, and Sweden have developed a new version of solar cells called dye-sensitized solar cells, that are capable of absorbing light on a far greater scale than the traditional type, even compared to the type of solar cells we send up into space.

In regular photovoltaic cells, electrons are generated in a semiconductor, which are transferred out through wires and then sent back int the other side of the device to generate useable current Dye-sensitized solar cells work somewhat differently. Here, the dyes act as the photovoltaic material generating electrons, while the semiconductors only move them along as current. Electrons then flow back into the system through an electrolyte, which carries electrons from external wiring and delivers them to the dye molecules, going full circle.

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