Goa government urges industries to adopt solar energy

PANAJI: In a bit to promote solar power generation in Goa, the state government urged industrial estates to adopt solar power technology, which would help bring down costs for industrialists. Speaking at the Verna industrial estate state secretary for power Sanjay Goyal presented the salient features of the Goa State Solar Policy while urging industrialists to take benefit of the Goa state solar policy.

 “The solar power plants will be classified in two categories, namely up to 100 KW with LT connection and more than 100 KW with HT connection. The LT consumers will be feeding the power to the grid in gross metering basis, whereas the HT consumers will be compulsorily supplying power to the grid on net metering basis. Both the types of power suppliers will be paid at the JERC stipulated rates. The large solar installations solely for power sale will have to undergo bidding process for being competitive,” Goyal said.

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