Gurugram: Power supply erratic, water hit too

GURUGRAM: The DHBVN hopes 19 new transformers will help it solve the power cut problem in New Gurgaon. And it had better happen fast as outages that started with the onset of summer show no signs of abating.

According to residents in Sector 56, Sector 41, Sector 21, South City 2, South City 2 and DLF-4, dust storms on Friday evening disrupted power supply. “In Gurgaon, power cuts have become a daily routine. Besides, does it make sense that after every dust storm there are outages,” said Anil Puri, a resident of DLF-4.

 Residents of South City 2 also had the same complaint. “On Friday, after the storm, power went off at 6pm and the supply was resumed at 9.30pm for 20 minutes. It was only after 11.30pm that the supply was fully restored. I kept calling the officials. They promised to fix the issue yet nothing happened,” said Dinesh Yadav, a resident of A-Block.

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