India sets out to light up UK with 100 million LED bulbs

London: Around 100 million incandescent and CFL bulbs in the United Kingdom will be replaced by LED bulbs of EESL by March 2019, Coal and Power Minister Piyush Goyal said on Saturday.

The Indian government will draw up a “very smart” strategy to achieve the target, including tie-ups with large corporate companies.

“Today, we have set up a target of replacing 100 million bulbs in the UK with LEDs. It is a very ambitious target. It is a mind-boggling number… that 100 million bulbs in London will be sold in a foreign country, in a foreign land,” the minister said.

The minister was speaking during the launch of Energy Efficiency Services Ltd’s (EESL) affordable lighting scheme in the UK. For the company, this will truly be a “very very big challenge”.

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