Major Indian ports slipping up on renewable energy targets

India’s overall goal for green energy in the country is an ambitious 175 gigawatts (GW) by 2022. Each of the ministries has been allocated its target for commissioning solar, wind and other renewable forms of energy.

But the major ports, given a responsibility to set up 160 megawatts (MW) of such energy, may be slow starters, showing slippages — and also pointing to the problems that achieving the larger national target could face.

The ports, coming under the Shipping Ministry, have been able to commission only 22.66 MW of solar and wind energy projects, less than 15 per cent of the target given in October 2015, according to an official report. The reasons for this slow start have been ascribed to land acquisition issues and phase-wise roll-out of projects.

For solar energy, the achievement till May 2017 was only 16.66 MW against a target of 115 MW, while the wind power figure stands at 6 MW against a 45-MW target. The achievement should have been more than double that count.

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