The Supra Eco Homes, India’s First Fully Solar Powered Real Estate Project, where even Elevators Work on Solar Power, Announced

Hyderabad :It will be a wood free apartment. No geysers, invertors, diesel generators to be installed. When it is completed in next 18months, it will be the “Near Zero Carbon Emissions Building in the country.”

Only 2% of the new constructions in India are Green Buildings. Residential apartments are responsible for 22 percent of India’s total annual carbon emissions.  So it is very important that we move towards sustainable homes, informs Chaitanya Rayapudi.

Own a home that doesn’t use wood for doors and windows. Uses minimum electricity, draws only solar power. Solar water heaters produce hot water. Solar power is the primary source of electricity for the apartment of 16 units of 3 BHK. It runs almost exclusively on Solar Energy. The power bills will not be more than Rs. 250/- per month. It creates a facility to re-use rainwater. Ground water is harvested. It produces, minimal carbon footprint.

It is India’s first fully Solar Powered Real Estate Project, where even elevators work on Solar Power.

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