Bhutan to supply hydropower to Bangladesh through India soon

New Delhi: Leaders of India, Bhutan and Bangladesh may soon formally sign and join hands to build a 1,125 MW hydropower project in Bhutan as trilateral memorandum of understanding (MoU) on this has been finalised by the three Asian countries.

Bhutan would export the power to Bangladesh produced from this project, via India.

Bangladesh plans to invest in the 1,125 megawatt Dorjilung hydropower project in Bhutan’s Lhuentse district. The Government of Bangladesh earlier approved $1 billion for investment in Bhutan’s hydropower.

The project could boost Bhutan’s plan to become a hydroelectric power juggernaut and battery for surrounding countries, because two of its neighbours have almost come close to sign off a trilateral agreement to construct this hydropower project in Dorjilung, Bhutan.

Hydropower projects in Bhutan are a source of clean and affordable electricity for its neighbors in the region. Bhutan’s export revenues are a primary source for government spending on socio-economic development, supporting social services such as health, education, and rural development.

The construction work on the US$1.25 billion Dorjilung hydropower project will start soon after signing off the trilateral MoU in this regard.

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