Crisis compels power purchase for up to Rs 6 per unit

Two days after it stopped purchasing costly power from various sources, a sudden power crisis forced state government to buy it from the energy exchange where rates have shot up to Rs 6 per unit, well above average purchase cost of Rs 4.11 per unit in UP.

 Latest records show that between Friday and Saturday, UP government bought 1468MW from the energy exchange at rates varying between Rs 4.48 per unit and Rs 6 per unit. Energy exchange data shows UP Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL) bought power from the energy exchange, where electricity rates remain pegged at Rs 6 per unit, between 8.15pm and 10.45pm on Friday. UPPCL managing director Vishal Chauhan told TOI that the corporation had to purchase power from the energy exchange because of severe crisis following a breakdown of the high voltage Champa-Kurukshetra transmission line connecting western region grid to the northern region. He added that the fault resulted in a shortfall of around 1500MW which was scheduled to be brought from Chattisgarh under the bilateral trade agreement. “The corporation is, however, trying to strike a balance between power supply and rates at which electricity is purchased,” said Chauhan, adding it was proposed that average cost of power purchase be kept below Rs 4 per unit.

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