Haryana power consumption hits new high

Chandigarh, July 21 (IANS) The maximum daily electricity consumption in Haryana has crossed a record 2,000 lakh units, the state’s power utilities said on Friday.

“The consumption this year was recorded as 2,010 lakh units on July 19, 2017, against the record of 1,929 lakh units on August 26, 2014,” a spokesman of Haryana Power Utilities said.

The peak power demand has also touched a new high of 9,440 MW on July 15, against the 2016 peak demand of 9,262 MW recorded on July 22.

He said that the power utilities have successfully met the peak power demand of 9,440 MW on July 15 and highest every daily power consumption of 2,010 lakh units on July 19 without any network constraint.

“The state utilities were able to cater to the record consumption even when there was a shortage of about 2,900 MW in the Northern Grid due to outage of Karcham-Wangtoo, Nathpa-Jhakri and Rampur Hydro Generation because of silt,” the spokesman said.

“All generators of the Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited (HPGCL) were in service on July 19,” he added.

He said that the Haryana Transmission Utility has added 20 new sub-stations, augmented the capacity of 128 existing sub-stations and added about 800 km new transmission lines by making an investment of Rs 1,045 crore.

The state distribution utilities made an investment of about Rs 2,688 crore in new sub-stations and distribution lines, he added.

“State Power Utilities have met the summer or paddy peak load demand through a robust transmission and distribution network,” he said.



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