In two years solar energy for residential sector would be cheaper than electricity grid: Solar players

NEW DELHI: In the next two years, solar power will be cheaper than the electricity grid in the residential sector, says solar energy provider SunSource Energy which on Monday successfully implemented the first two phases of a 100 MW solar project in South East Asia. Stating that while the solar energy in India has already reached ‘grid parity’ in commercial, industrial and utility sectors, soon this would be achieved in residential sector as well.

The grid parity happens when the cost of the electricity produced by an alternative source — solar in this case — becomes lesser or almost equal to that being supplied from the conventional source e.g coal.

At present, India has installed capacity of 327 GW (One GW is equal to 1000 MW), of which about 40 GW is Solar (12 GW) and Wind energy (27 GW) combined. About 70 per cent of power comes from coal-based power plants and the remaining from hydro and other sources like biogas.

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