India will open nuclear power plant new type

In India, the demand for electricity is huge, but the country will soon close more than 30 coal mines.

The reason for this transition of India into renewable energy sources and a shift towards more electricity and better environment. Only now, instead of solar panels Yes wind turbines in India will be the newest nuclear power plants.

Within 15 years, nuclear scientists working to create a giant nuclear facility at Kalpakkam, a town on the coast of the Bay of Bengal, near Chennai.

Unlike most nuclear plants, the Indian version is a fast nuclear breeder where the neutrons that maintain the nuclear chain to give a reaction at the highest speeds. Type of reactor capable of generating much more energy than conventional nuclear power plants, including through the use of elemental uranium. This is an experimental technology, the first version of which appeared 27 years ago.

“Reactors could help to remove up to 70 percent more energy than traditional reactors, and are safer than traditional reactors while reducing long-lived radioactive waste in several times,” says Yukiya Amano, Director General of the International atomic energy Agency in Vienna.

Uranium is not common in India, but the country has the second place for the sale of thorium, so the prototype fast reactor breeder at Kalpakkam uses rods that item.

The technology which is used in India is also used in Russia at Beloyarsk NPP. China also wants to introduce reactors-breeder, but their designs are a decade behind the Indian. Other countries, Japan and France, at one time tried to develop something similar, but eventually gave up the idea because of security reasons.



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