India will take at least 6 years to cap toxic emissions from power plants

India wanted to cap toxic emissions from power plants by December. It’s now discovering that target is at least 6 years from its reach. The nation’s power industry regulator says a countrywide roll out of equipment to lower sulfur dioxide emissions won’t be completed until 2023. And that’s only one of the the four types of pollutants plants must cap.

The Central Electricity Authority has asked for the environment ministry’s December deadline to be extended, according to Ravindra Kumar Verma, chairman of the CEA, which is run by India’s power ministry. “There’s no way the present deadline can be met,” Verma said. “We are very serious about it, but one has to consider that it’s a very complex process.

We have to maintain power supplies to people, which is our biggest priority. I am hopeful that the environment ministry will appreciate the challenges.”

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