KPMG to ready Vision 2030 for Coal India

KOLKATA: KPMG will chart out Vision 2030 for Coal India, which is uncertain about the future of coal and wants to diversify. The monopoly has just issued a letter of intent to KPMG, which would soon be followed by awarding of contract following which, the consultant will submit its report in 14 weeks. PwC, Delloitte India and KPMG were in the race. But KPMG was chosen for the job.

In fact, KPMG has prior experience with Coal India BSE 0.34 % when it prepared Vision 2020 for the company a few years ago. The monopoly invited bids for vision 2030 because coal is likely to decline in India’s energy mix although it is expected to remain the mainstay for several years.

Coal India is now looking at diversifying into related energy fields like renewable and has already prepared plans for setting up 10,000 MW of solar generation facilities to jack up its top line. Coal India is also looking at the possibility of entering into mining, metals and minerals.

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