Power grid integration needs to quicken

When the sun shines brightly, it’s manna from heaven for a solar producer. But for an electricity distributor, the surge in the power lines can be a nightmare. This unpredictability of solar and wind energy has long been a technical challenge that requires adroit balancing of the power grid.
India is now on the threshold of attaining this balance.

The new ‘Greening the Grid’ report, prepared by Energy Ministry and the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has confirmed the technical and economic viability of integrating 175 GW of renewable energy into the country’s power grid by 2022, and identifies future course of actions that are favourable for such integration.
The growth in India’s renewable energy sector accelerated sharply after the government in 2015 announced an ambitious target of adding 100 GW of solar and 60 GW of wind capacity by 2022, with biogas and other clean energy sources adding another 15 GW. As a result, from July 2015 to December 2016, developers have snapped up contracts to set up 15.9 GW of solar projects.

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