“Quality is key to stable power supply”

Power is one of the basic necessities of life in the current world and unfortunately in India there are still many who do not have access to it. TTDI is committed to quality and reliable power to all in india.

Katsutoshi Toda, chairman & managing director, Toshiba transmission & distribution systems (India) Pvt. Ltd. (TTDI), talks about the challenges of T&D sector and how his company has an edge over others in providing power solutions

In the fast growing economy of India, what is the level of impact the transmission and distribution industry brings in and what are its current challenges?

Electricity is one of the most essential and major assets for any country. Due to the constraints of Transmission and distribution (T&D), the generated power is not distributed properly throughout India. While India as a nation is trying to generate more power for its increasing demand, the entire effort is in vain if electricity cannot reach the end consumer.

Electric power supply is often shut down in India and it takes several seconds, minutes or hours to restore it, while in Japan or the USA that time is less than a blink. This is because no proper infrastructure or no redundancy is in place. Once a failure happens, it causes disruption in T&D network and may cause large-scale blackout if there is no proper control of the network. Some of the key challenges the T&D industry is currently facing are: deficiency in current transmission capacity due to losses from generation to distribution; delays in future transmission capacity addition, poor operation and maintenance in the existing system; insufficient focus on innovation.

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