Solar-powered pumps to revive 100 water bodies in forests

BENGALURU: About 100 watering holes and lakes in forests across the state will be refilled through the use of solar water pumps this year. The Forest Department is launching this scheme to revive dried-up water bodies to mitigate the acute water crisis faced by wild animals in deep forests.
The project, costing `10 crore, will be funded under corporate social responsibility schemes while the deficit amount will be raised through the major works scheme.

A few solar-powered pumps have already been set up in Nagarhole and Bandipur where partially dried-up lakes and tanks were recharged. In Bandipur, the pumps were set up in collaboration with WWF-India. Working 7-8 hours a day, a solar pump can refill a partially dried-up watering hole with almost 50,000 litres of water while allowing the excess water to flow downstream.

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