Solar projects: India hopes to meet WTO deadline on sourcing norms

“The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is in regular touch with all power producers under the programme, and is confident that all ongoing projects will be implemented by December,” the official told BusinessLine.

Fresh projects under the third phase of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) will not have the local-sourcing regulation that the WTO has ruled against, the official added.

The US, after a long-winding discussion with India, had decided to give the country 14 months to implement the WTO’s verdict. Since the trade organisation’s Dispute Settlement Body’s decision, confirming that the local sourcing requirement in the JNNSM flouted WTO norms, was adopted on October 14 2016, India has time till December 14, 2017, to implement it.

“We do not expect any trouble this time like we did in the poultry case, where action was not taken for almost a year after the lapse of the WTO deadline,” the official said.

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