Spot power prices ease 11 per cent in June as rains weaken demand

New Delhi: Electricity prices in spot market fell 11% in June to Rs 2.59 per uint from Rs 2.92 per unit in May as rains weakened powerdemand, India Electricity Exchange said.

The average daily price at which settlements take place varied from Rs 1.90 per unit to Rs 3.37 per unit across the country, it said.

With monsoons unleashing across most parts of the country, the demand for power eased a bit. Consequently, the market saw a decrease in volume cleared during the month, it said.

Overall 3920 million units were cleared, 4% below 4100 MUs traded in May 2017. On a daily average basis, over 131 million units were traded. The market pre-dominantly remained a buyer’s market with average daily sell bids of 240 million units exceeding the average daily buy bids of 148 million units.

In another positive development in terms of reduced transmission congestion, the spot power market realized one nation, one grid, one price on 27 occasions this month when the area clearing prices converged.

With one price across market on several days, the market hardly experienced any Inter-State transmission congestion.



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