Tamil Nadu electricity regulator award blow to Adani Green Energy

NEW DELHI: The latest award of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission (TNERC) is a setback for Adani Green Energy in its running battle with Tamil Nadu’s distribution and transmission companies over the problem of ‘backdowns’, or arbitrary unplugging of its transmission lines from the grid.

In response to a petition filed by the company last December, complaining against backdowns and the pointing to the monetary losses these have led to, the TNERC on June 30 ruled that the matter amounted to a “dispute” between Adani and the state’s distribution and transmission companies, rather than a complaint against the latter.

It has directed Adani Green Energy to resubmit the petition as a ‘Dispute Resolution Petition’ (DRP) rather than under the ‘Miscellaneous’ category. The technicality is all important because a DRP could take years to resolve. “There is a Supreme Court directive to the TNERC to dispose off another unrelated matter first before taking up any other dispute resolution case,” said a source close to the development. “If Adani uses the DRP route, it will be in queue and the matter may remain in cold storage for years.”

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