Digitization of power grid will cut losses: Schneider official

NEW DELHI: Digitization of the power grid in the country will ensure better optimization of resources with the power sector and will eventually bring down the cost of electricity in the country, a Schneider Electric India official said. “This is all about reducing our AT&C lossestechnical and commercial losses- with more digitization, we reduce more losses,” Anil Chaudhry, Country President and Managing Director of Schneider Electric India said.

The energy management and automation company Thursday launched a research partnered with global market intelligence firm IDC, making a strong case for digitization of the grid network in the power sector to make distribution more efficient. “Traditionally, we have addressed the energy equation from the supply sideadjusting the amount of electricity generated to ensure that supply matches demand. But depending solely on supply-side solutions will not allow us to meet our obligations to reduce our carbon emissions and reduce energy consumption,” Chaudhry said.

“Technology capabilities such as the Internet of Things (IoT), analytics and cloud are a critical part of any digital transformation and can provide the platform for digitizing the grid,” the IDC report said. The Smart Grid so connected will facilitate continuous and real-time monitoring of distribution and transmission assets among other things, the report suggests.

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  1. Ajay Singh says:

    Schneider Electric has initiate Digitization of power grid will cut losses programs which is good to have see in coming world
    Schneider Electric is one of the best electric company. Good Schneider Electric

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