Indian coal growth has slowed since 2015

India’s coal use has grown 2.2% a year since 2015, a drop from annual growth of more than 6% over the previous 10 years.

That is the conclusion of analysis of official data on coal sales, imports and power station stockpiles by Greenpeace news platform Energydesk. The slowdown appears to reflect lower consumption in the cement, iron and industrial power generation sectors.

The environmental organisation heralded it as a sign the coal boom may be over. India’s energy development path is critical to meeting national and international climate targets.

Greenpeace energy campaigner Ashish Fernandes said: “Contrary to the projections of the global coal industry, India’s demand for the carbon-heavy fuel is not skyrocketing and the country’s energy needs will do nothing to arrest coal’s global decline.

“In this context, it would make far more economic sense for India to boost investment in renewable energy rather than pursue plans for hundreds of more new coal plants that could be obsolete before they’re even built.”

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