Japan Keen To Step Up Cooperation With India In Energy Sector

Japan is keen to expand its cooperation with India’s energy sector, especially in areas like technology for coal-fired generation that faces constraints due to climate change concerns.

Japan is working on advanced, ultra supercritical generation technology that is expected to help ensure efficient conversion of coal into electricity and cut emissions.

Japanese Ambassador to India Kenji Hiramatsu said that he is discussing with Power Minister Piyush Goyal about ways to enhance cooperation in areas like environmental equipment for coal thermal power plants, grid stabilisation, pump up storage hydro power, smart telecommunication towers, solar irrigation pumps and bio fuels.

He said that in the field of energy, there is a huge room for cooperation between the countries.

“There are many solutions that Japanese technology can provide for challenges that India faces in the field of energy,” he said while speaking at the inauguration of Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) Neemrana solar power project.

He also said that in solar power sector, Japanese cells are more efficient in terms of taking less space, light weight and last for long time and generate better in hot atmosphere like in India.

“Because it is more efficient to generate power where it is consumed, than transferring power over long distance from remote area, I expect more Japanese solar cells will be used on roof top of buildings in densely populated area in this country,” he added.

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