Yogi Government Proposes Power Tariff Hike by 22% for Domestic Consumers

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL) is all set to give a jolt to its consumers with a proposed tariff hike of 22.66% for all sectors. However, the hike proposed for domestic rural consumers and farmers is quite unprecedented. The board has sought an unprecedented hike of 260-350% in power tariff for unmetered rural consumers for 2017-2018.

Moreover, power tariff for unmetered tube wells of farmers will also be hiked by 60%. The hike if implemented will reduce the monetary burden on the power department by Rs 11,000 crores out of an estimated annual loss of Rs 15,118 crore.

The proposed hike for urban domestic consumers is 12%, while small and heavy industries have not been included in the power tariff hike proposal.

The existing power tariff for unmetered rural consumers is Rs 180/KW and is set to go up to Rs 650/KW for consumers who have consumption capacity upto 2KW. For consumers having a load more than 2KW, the new tariff will be Rs 800/KW instead of Rs 200/KW. Unmetered farmers paying Rs 100/BHP in a month for running tube wells would now have to pay Rs 160 per month.

The metered rural consumers will also get a jolt as the new tariff, if accepted, will be Rs 85/KW as fixed monthly charges and Rs 4.40 per unit on consumption upto 150 units a month. The power corporation would charge Rs 4.95 per unit on consumption between 150 to 300 units. Right now, such consumers are charged at the rate of Rs 50/KW per month and Rs 2.20 per unit of electricity consumption charges.

The president of UP Rajya Vidyut Upbhokta Parishad, Awadhesh Verma met Uttar Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (UPERC) chairman Desh Deepak Verma and requested him to reject the proposal.

“The proposed hike for rural domestic consumers is unprecedented in the state’s history,” Verma said. This is probably the first time that state government has proposed such a huge raise in power tariff.

The tariff for urban domestic consumers will also be revised and the per kilowatt charge of Rs 90 a month would be hiked to Rs 100. Also, for consumption of the first 150 units, the tariff will be revised from Rs 4.40 per unit to Rs 4.90 per unit.

The tariff for consumption of 151-300 units would increase to Rs 5.40 per unit from the present rate of Rs 4.95 and from 301-500 units which is Rs 5.60 per unit would go up to Rs 6.20 per unit. For consumption above 500 units the tariff per unit would be Rs 6.70 from the existing Rs 6.20 per unit.


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