Saubhagya scheme to create additional power demand of 28,000 MW in the country

NEW DELHI: The household electrification scheme ‘Saubhagya’ is expected to create an additional power demand of 28,000-mw in the country, helping the stressed power plants that are either idling or underutilised.

“Considering an average load of 1 kwh per household and average uses of load for 8 hours in a day, there will be requirement of additional power of about 28,000-mw and additional energy of about 80,000 million units per annum,” an official statement of the power ministry said on Wednesday. This additional demand amounts to about 8.5% of the country’s current installed capacity of 329 GW, it said.

Data available with the Central Electricity Authority shows that the peak hour power demand in August was 155 GW while the thermal plants operated at 67% of their capacity. However, the said target is set to vary as individual income and habits of using electricity change with time, the statement said.

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