Status of Coal Despatch by Coal India Limited (CIL) to Power Sector as on 23rd September 2017.

  • On 23rd September 2017, the total daily coal despatch of Coal India Limited was 1.52 MT
  • Out of the total daily coal despatch, despatch to power sector was about 1.22 MT & rest 0.30MT was despatched to the non-regulated sector.
  • On 23rd September 2017, a total of 222 railway rakes of coal were despatched to different consumers out of which 201 railway rakes were despatched to power sector alone.
  • The despatch to power sector through rail is around 24.1% more as compared to 23rd  September 2016.
  • The pit head stock at CIL coal mines was 31.91 MT as on 23rd September 2017.
  • On 23rd September 2017, the number of power plants in critical and super critical category was 9 respectively.


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