Tata Power enters electric vehicle charging segment

Private power producer Tata Power, the company has installed their first electric vehicle charging station in Mumbai, part of a sustainable business initiative.

“As part of its commitment towards sustainability and another green milestone, the company its first electric vehicle charging station at Tata Power Receiving Station at Vikhroli, Mumbai,” the company said in its statement.

On its future plans, the company added, it wants to set up charging stations at various locations in Mumbai and is already in discussions with various stakeholders.

The company further added it aims to build a network to make it easier for people to adapt to electric vehicles and be future ready. “Tata Power has taken this initiative of providing charging stations along with Mass-Tech Controls,” the company said in its statement.

These chargers would facilitate electric car users to charge their cars (electric vehicles such as the Mahindra e2o, Nissan Leaf, etc) at anytime safely and conveniently, the company said in its statement. The chargers can also monitor the car battery charging status and units consumed while charging a car.

As the world, and particularly India, moves towards clean energy options, power producers in India are also expanding presence in the last link of this value chain. Indian power companies, private and public, are now increasing focus on clean energy and related infrastructure. JSW Energy, earlier this month, announced plans to enter the energy storage space and manufacturing of electric vehicles. State run NTPC Ltd is also reviewing various clean energy-related infrastructure options.

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