Wind power generation, evacuation touches new high

CHENNAI: Wind powergeneration and evacuation touched a new high in the country during July this year with 9,854.34 million units of wind power being used by states. Total wind power generation between April and August this year was 33,168.48 million units and compared to previous financial year for the same period, wind power generation and evacuation increased by 27.54% (26,006.3 million units). Due to this, thermal power companies were hit as states shifted to wind power.

Experts and credit rating agencies attribute the high wind generating performance to better transmission lines and sub-stations. High wind power generating states are led by Tamil Nadu, followed by Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka and Rajasthan.

“Power generation from renewable sources continued to improve significantly to 10.2 billion units in 2017 from 8.1 billion units in 2016. The trend is expected to continue on account of higher capacity as compared to last year,” said India Ratings in its analysis on power situation in the country.

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