ABB Plans 4,500 EV Charging Stations Across India

ABB has become one of the world’s leading EV charging station suppliers, and it is now leading the way into the compelling Indian market. The Indian subsidiary of the European electrical equipment giant has given a glimpse of its aggressive plans to capture a major share of this potentially giant market as India pursues its mission to adopt electric vehicles on a large scale.

ABB India recently placed a bid in response to a government tender to set up 4,500 charging stations for electric vehicles. The tender came alongside another tender by government-owned Energy Efficiency Services Limited to procure 10,000 electric sedans.

While ABB did not specify the geographic distribution of these charging stations, they are very likely to be concentrated in the metro cities, led by Delhi. The central government, with all its offices in Delhi, and the New Delhi Municipal Corporation are planning to rapidly adopt electric vehicles in the near term. The aggressive expansion in electric vehicles segment is expected to be driven by the ambitious road map announced by India’s planning commission (NITI Aayog) that targets a ban on fossil fuel–powered vehicles by 2030.

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