IIT Bombay students design solar energy based house that runs on zero electricity

A sustainable house designed and built by IITians runs on energy collected by rooftop solar panels and even generates excess energy on bright sunny days to be stored for future purposes. The students have appropriately named their team “SHUNYA”, which stands for Sustainable Habitat for an Urbanizing Nation by its Young Aspirants.

Journey from 2014 to 2018: Solar Decathlon

Their group is the only one selected from India to take part in the Solar Decathlon- an international competition that challenges groups across the globe to build a fully-functional solar-powered house with cutting-edge technology at their site within a short span of 12 days.

In 2018, the competition will be taking place in the Dezhou city of China. This IITian pack of engineers and architects has also previously taken part in the same challenge, also known as the ‘Olympics of Solar Powered Houses’ held in Europe in 2014, and was honoured with a mention in ‘sustainability’.

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