Indian Ministry Warns States Against Solar Power Curtailment

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy in India has once again issued a warning to states against the practice of curtailing solar power generation.

The Ministry has specifically asked the officials of the Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation not to curtail solar power generation by forcing project operators to back down generation.

Officials at TANGEDCO have been informed again that solar power projects, as well as wind energy projects, have must-run status, that is power utilities must procure all electricity generated by them. The Ministry stated that it received complaints from several plant operators that utilities have forced them to reduce generation.

A major complainant is Adani Green Energy which operates a 216 megawatt solar power project in Tamil Nadu, part of India’s largest solar power installation. The company has been facing heat from TANGEDCO not only on the curtailment issue but also on the tariff for the said power plant. Adani sells the power generated at ?7.01/kWh (11.0¢/kWh), which is more than twice the lowest solar power tariff at present in India.

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