Not Just in India , thermal power generators facing problems all over the world

One in seven coal plant owners worldwide fully or partially phased out their coal fleets between 2010 and 2017.

The first ever global survey of coal phase out plans, released on Wednesday by data trackers Coal Swarm, revealed two different trajectories as the industry collapses in the west but marches on in Asia.

Out of 994 companies with coal plants, 139 closed at least 20% of their capacity, predominantly in north America and western Europe, with 71 retiring their coal fleets completely.

parallel report by Greenpeace identified 23 cities, regions and countries implicitly or explicitly phasing out coal burning for power.

Together, they show a rapid shift in the politics and economics of coal, researchers say. “Five years ago, nobody was forecasting this,” Greenpeace analyst Lauri Myllyvirta told Climate Home News, “so in that sense, things are moving incredibly fast”.

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