To go 100% electric, auto companies have to change machinery, take risk: Nitin Gadkari

India could switch to 100% e-vehicles much before 2030 because cost advantage will significantly boost demand, roads transport and highways minister Nitin Gadkari has said.

Gadkari, who’s also the minister for river development and water resources, said he’s creating a water grid on the lines of power grid to end the perennial problem of frequent droughts and flooding in different parts of country once and for all. Edited excerpts from an interview with ET:

Automakers are sceptical about the government’s plan to move to 100% electric mobility by 2030. What have you told them?
The principle of any market is demand and supply. The cost advantage of e-vehicles is so huge that once companies make good quality affordable cars available, people would buy it because it’s economically viable.

That would expand the market on its own. As compared to traditional fuel, the benefits of electric vehicles are immense. The time has come that we should be getting serious about cutting down vehicular pollution.

Auto companies say the government has no clear vision on e-mobility as charging infrastructure is not in place…
When solar energy came, the tariff was Rs 16.5 (per unit) now it’s Rs 2.5. That time also companies were reluctant. Automakers don’t want change. They have made one dye (technology) and they’re manufacturing the same products through that dye.

To move to 100% electric, companies have to change machinery, take risk. Mercedes and Audi have come to me that they can offer BS VI fuel or electric whatever the need is. Mahindra and Nissan are already offering e-vehicles.

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