TrinaBESS launches New Installation Product Lines – “PowerCube DC” for Australia / NZ market at All Energy

TrinaBESS, the leading battery energy storage solution (BESS) provider, unveils New Installation Product Lines – PowerCube DC (Single & Three Phase) combining solar and energy storage for Australia / NZ market. After a series of positive feedback in Europe, TrinaBESS has adjusted the product to adapt to the Australian grid requirements and operating conditions. The New Installation product lines with high voltage batteries will be showcased in All Energy 2017 in Melbourne from October 11th to 12th.

The PowerCube DC (for New Installation application) comes in Single Phase and Three Phase. The Single Phase comes in with a power rating of 5.0 kW and modular battery capacity expansion from 4.8 kwh to 9.6 kWh whereas the Three Phase comes in power ratings of 5 kW or 10 kW with modular battery capacity expansion from 6 kWh to 12 kWh or 9 kWh to 18 kWh high voltage battery respectively. The hybrid inverter replaces both the PV inverter and the battery inverter, making the system more cost effective and reducing installation time.

“We have launched PowerCube AC solution for Retrofit applications in Australia / NZ last year. After the introduction of PowerCube DC Single and Three Phase, we will have completed the residential solution layout in Australia / NZ market. Combined with our existing handy power product and off-grid solution, our TrinaHome family covers the household needs for BESS.” Said Frank Qi, General Manager of TrinaBESS. “The TrinaBESS Single & Three Phase products have gotten much positive feedback from our Europe customer. Adapting this successful product to different regions of the globe was the natural next step for TrinaBESS in our ambition worldwide growth and expansion.”


“PowerCube DC Three Phase, designed for solar and battery new installation market is integrated with high voltage batteries that can allow the batteries to discharge to 100% DOD, but will also automatically kick in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) mode during power failure. At TrinaBESS, we work relentlessly to innovate and provide our customer with products that are both practical to the market needs with the right values. The PowerCube DC Three Phase is unique and provides the market with another three phase product options which is known to be limited.” said Ray See, Sales Director, Oceania of TrinaBESS. “With the product’s building block configuration that can be wall mounted and outdoor rated, the installation takes only one person and a couple of hours, greatly reducing the cost of installation.”


TrinaBESS is a world leading manufacturer and integrator of energy storage solutions for residential, commercial and utility sectors, from 0.4 kWh to large-scale multi-MWh energy storage systems.


TrinaBESS will be present at All Energy 2017, in Melbourne from October 11th to 12th, 2017, booth number 2500. To learn more about TrinaBESS, please visit the TrinaBESS website



About TrinaBESS

TrinaBESS is the energy storage company of Trina Group and the sister company of Trina Solar, a global leader of PV solutions. TrinaBESS designs, manufactures and delivers BESSs for utilities, project developers, Distributors and EPCs for residential, commercial and utility markets. TrinaBESS provides on / off grid, off grid, handy power and micro grid energy storage solutions from 0.4 kWh batteries and above. From its foundation in 2010 TrinaBESS has grown to be one of the world’s leading energy storage companies with over 100 R&D staff members and an international presence in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia.


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