The 48 Volt DC power disruption to bring about innovation in power consumption

There is a major disruption that could be expected in the energy sector.

The falling prices of solar panels — and of batteries as well — are likely propel the industry into experimentation with new techniques. While it would be presumptuous to state that any one select technology will become the chosen mode for power generation, transmission or distribution, one can confidently state that all the three sectors will have to face fierce winds of change, even redundance.

In fact some leading players in the power industry have already begun adapting themselves to cope with the coming disruption. But there are others who are unwilling to even consider any change.

Take, for instance, IS Jha, Chairman & Managing Director of government owned Power Grid Corporation of India. He believes that is no threat to the transmission sector, and that his business plans will therefore remain unaffected.

But ask most other players and they are convinced that a disruption is round the corner.

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