On borrowed time: Why coal mines are ditched for solar farms

The world is changing. More people have become more aware of their environment and protecting it has become a mandate for nations all over the world. Countries are making effort in their own way to lessen dependence on coal as a power source and use alternative energy sources instead. One of them is the solar farm.

According to Quartz, dead coal mines are now being transformed into solar farms. Coal as a power source is considered one of the dirtiest form of fossil fuel. In China, the China Three Gorges Corporation announced it spent $150 million on the biggest floating solar project in the world. The project was recently finished and is now operating in the Chinese city of Huainan. What is interesting is that the 150-megawatt (MW) project sits above a dead coal mine.

This project can supply power to 94,000 homes but a bigger solar farm is expected to be launched in the same city. The new solar farm can supply power to 15,000 homes and like the first one, it is also located in what once was a coal mine.

The movement to go solar has also caught up with other countries. Japan, U.S., Germany, Italy, U.K., India, and France have all installed photovoltaic power last year. In Germany, a renewable energy plant is being built on a former coal mine. The renewable energy plant is capable of supplying power to 40,000 homes. On the other hand, in the U.S., the Berkeley Energy Group is planning to convert a mine in the Appalachians into a solar power plant that can supply up to 100 MW next year.

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