5 charts to capture 2017 – Indian Renewable Market

2017 was an extraordinary year in many ways for the Indian RE sector. The year will be known for record capacity addition, drastic fall in tariffs and start of the new trade investigations by Indian government into imports of cells and modules. We look at 5 charts summarizing key trends for the sector in 2017.

Sector added record new capacity

2017 RE capacity addition is estimated to touch a record 13.3 GW (+61% over 2016) – utility scale solar added 8.2 GW (+110%), rooftop solar 0.8 GW (+60%) and wind 4.0 GW (+11%). This was also the year when solar outpaced all other sources of power for the first time. We believe that 2017 will be a record year for RE capacity addition in India for some years to come.

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