12,013 million units power surplus in Andhra

Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) Chairman Justice Bhavani Prasad conducted a public hearing at APEPDCL office here on Monday. The justice asked the public and other representatives to reveal their views and explained about the aggregate revenue requirement for retail supply business and tariff proposals for 2018-19 fiscal.

President of District Consumer Committees K Venkataramana said 12,013 million units power surplus being registered and added that there is a political conspiracy behind the purchase of power from outside even there is no need. He also pointed out other states were paying only Rs 2.75 paise for the surplus electricity, whereas AP authorities are paying Rs 3.83 paise to Hinduja Power Plant and buying the power.
Several people from various organisations and left parties were present and shared their views on conservation of power methods, EPDCL’s revenue generation, and distribution of solar power gadgets.




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