256 solar panels save Mumbai’s Borivli society ?97,000 a month

An increasing number of residential buildings are now shifting from conventional electricity to renewable power sources like solar.

In one of the largest residential solar rooftop grid powered systems in suburban Mumbai, Bhoomi Green CHS Limited in Borivli (East) with eight buildings and 256 flats, has been using renewable energy since December 2017 to save Rs97,000 per month, or Rs11.7 lakh per annum, in electricity bills.

The complex only pays the nominal monthly charge for grid supply by a private electricity distributor.

A 74 kilowatt-power (kWp) setup with 256 solar panels atop three buildings helps the society power 100% of its electricity requirements by lighting up all common areas, CCTV cameras, lifts, water pumps and fire alarm systems in the complex.

The estimated electricity generation per day would be anywhere between 240 and 274 kilowatt-hour (kWh), depending on partly cloudy skies and clear conditions.

An average two bedroom-hall-kitchen apartment in the city needs 10-12 kWh electricity per day.

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