Enercon to offer 3.5MW turbines in India

The German manufacturer will offer two models from its EP3 platform in India; the E-126 and E-138, which are designed for sites with moderate and low winds.

These will be the highest rated machine in the Indian market as the established players are offering standard 2MW turbines.

The E-138, the first 3.5MW low-wind turbine in the EP3 portfolio, with a rotor diameter of 138 metres, is intended for use at low-wind sites in Class IIIA (IEC).

It is expected to give annual energy yields in excess of 13.2GWh for an average speed of 7m/s at a hub height of 131m.

The E126, also rated 3.5MW with a 126-metre rotor diameter, is designed for class IIA sites.

Enercon said it will be ready to deploy its machines by end of the 2019/20 financial year.

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